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Working With A Marketing Consultant Will Help You:


We all drift to industry insider talk that goes right over our people's heads. A clear and consistent message will connect with your ideal client and grow your leads.


From browser to buyer, a strategic funnel for converting browsers into buyers will bring your sales process clarity.


Business can be a grind at times. Too many leaders get discouraged and feel like giving up. Maintaining a regular connection with a consultant will keep you encouraged and refreshed.


Making a presentation?

Writing a proposal? Starting a new initiative? You'll need a Brandscript to make the biggest impact. I will help you connect with any audience.

Most business leaders waste a ton of money every month when it comes to their marketing.

They have websites that don't perform, email copy that doesn't get opened (or written at all), and the best of intentions to try something new but no follow through to actually do it.

Become a client of ours and you will get professional advice and the best tools for all your marketing material.

Consulting Packages Starting at $2000/month.

There are limited spots so request your invitation right away.

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The frontiers of modern-day marketing can be both exciting and confusing.

There are tools available to us that, when used properly, can save us time, ease our stress and help grow our business. That's the exciting part.

Then comes the confusing part: What are those tools, where can you find them and how do you use them?

Every business leader or company needs to know there is someone they can always go to - some one that is there for them (for business, marketing, or whatever).

Get Clear Consulting was started because I have a heart to serve people. I want to add value to their life with every encounter we have.

Every Business Leader Needs A Trusted Consultant - Who Is Yours?

Jon Morrison, Get Clear Consulting

Here's How We Partner Together:

Request an Invite

This will prompt a conversation about your goals, your company's needs, and whether or not our values align. We need to find out if we would be a good fit together.


You Receive Confirmation

If we are deemed a good a fit to partner, you will get a confirmation email with a six month contract in your inbox. If it is not a fit, I'll recommend another course of action for you.


We Clarify Your Message and Grow Your Business

As a client, you have access to me personally whenever you want. I will consistently send new tools, content, and whatever you need to thrive as a business leader.


Request an Invitation

We partner with hard-working, creative, and passionate business leaders from all over the world.

Phone: 604.839.3258


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