When You Talk About Your Business, Do People Actually Listen?
We help you get Storybrand right so that you know how to share what you do in a compelling way.

Most companies struggle because they either have someone who knows enough about marketing to be dangerous, or someone who's marketing work just isn't connecting like it should. When you work with a StoryBrand Guide, you get the guidance and marketing collateral you need to grow.

What Can Working With A Certified StoryBrand Guide Do For You?

Here are some of the benefits our clients tell us about:
Connect With Clients
Once you have clarity, you will know your ideal client inside and out, being able to identify their problems and how your business can solve them.
Stay Focussed
Making a presentation? Writing a proposal? Starting a new project? You'll need a clear message to make sure your content is landing like you know it should.
Build A Marketing Plan
This becomes the foundation upon which we build all your marketing. No more wasting your marketing dollars through random, sporadic and confusing messages.
What Can A StoryBrand Guide Do For Your Business?
We follow the following model from Building A StoryBrand that includes the following process:

In our session together, we will go through fifteen questions that will put together the story of your client's journey as the hero to a story.

  • We will identify your ideal client.
  • We identify the ideal outcomes your ideal client is looking for to win their story.
  • We will discuss what is stopping them from getting their heart's desire (pain points).
  • We determine your most effective call to action
  • We brainstorm how you as a brand can position yourself as an empathetic, trustworthy guide who can help them on their journey.
  • Outline a 3-step strategy for the hero's success
  • Choose the best testimonials to use on your marketing collateral.
  • You'll get a Brand Messaging Guide delivered to you that you can use for your messaging going forward.
Start A Project
StoryBrand Guides follow a model that includes the following StoryBrand marketing services:
  • Helping you create a BrandScript
  • Write out and deliver a One-Liner
  • Create a wireframe (words and outline for a website) for your website
  • Design a website
  • Design and create a sales funnel to attract and nurture new leads
  • Strategize, Create and Design a lead-Generating PDF
  • Write an Email Sequence

As you can see, these tasks are a mix of copywriting and design work with some development. As your StoryBrand Guide, we help the client strategize, identify aspects of your target market, how you're going to reach them, and hammer out other marketing-related details.

StoryBrand Guides Help You Apply The StoryBrand Framework

It's important to note that StoryBrand Guides don't teach actually teach you StoryBrand. A StoryBrand Guide is certified by Donald Miller and the StoryBrand team to help you get the most out of the material in the book. A StoryBrand Certified Guide has gone through the training to help buinsess like you implement the 7-step communication framework.

We Guides have clear instructions to protect the IP of Don Miller and the StoryBrand team. It's your job to read all about StoryBrand by buying the book or signing of for Business Made Simple University.

Then, once you're a fan, it's time to get some help making the StoryBrand framework a reality in your business.

A StoryBrand Certified Guide helps you take what's written in the book and create amazing marketing collateral using the framework.

It's tough for business owners to do the work themselves. They are busy running their businesses and The StoryBrand framework is a proven, simple framework that will clarify your message and grow your business.

StoryBrand has helped thousands of companies to grow and transform through this communication framework. It’s an honor to be able to use StoryBrand to help my clients and their customers enterprise life-changing decisions.

Jon knows how tough it can be to run a business and take time to do your StoryBrand marketing right.
Whether you're in marketing or trying to do your own, sometimes it's best to hire someone to provide some support to get the job done.

Jon Morrison has been a Certified StoryBrand Guide since 2017. Jon has worked with companies of all sizes and across industries. Jon is passionate about helping his clients get the "Aha" moments where the lightbulb goes on and they're finally able to apply the framework.

He loves sharing his experience and depth of insight he has gained from helping companies apply StoryBrand to their marketing. He has collected all kinds of success stories that can help your company for sure. 

Jon is a TEDx speaker and the author of Now Start With Who

What Have We Learned In Four Years As A StoryBrand Guide?

Jon Morrison reflects on four key points in this presentation.
We want you to create marketing collateral that connects.
The world seems to get noisier every day. If our marketing efforts just add more noise, they will get tuned out with the rest.

Using the power of story, you can connect with people in a fresh way using tools used by communicators for over two thousand years.

"I have used countless tools to help identify my target market.

I am convinced that the Storybrand material is the best for getting to the heart of where people are really at. This framework has become essential for my marketing. Jon offered insights and a fresh approach that I have implemented on my website and in my workshops."

- Lucas, TEDx Speaking Coach and CEO of Level Up Living

"I have been working with marketing companies for thirty years and I have never seen anything like this.

I always knew that storytelling was powerful but I never realized that the power was in helping your customer tell their story. The Brandscript session forever changed the way I talk about my company."

-George Martin, President Well Balanced Homes

You Don't Have To Do This Alone.  

Why Not Hire A StoryBrand Guide To Help?

A lot of businesses may not recognize their marketing needs but small business owners are often too hands-on to be able to assess how they can grow their business.

And therein lies the problem.

For some small business owners, their business had been struggling to grow because they weren’t communicating clearly and/or wasting marketing money.

A business will only last if it has enough customers. Yet many entrepreneurs find it hard to both keep their company running and spend enough time with their families.

When running a business, maneuvering the prospect of generating leads and creating an effective marketing strategy on their own can be difficult for many owners. Yet not everyone has the skills necessary to successfully execute these tasks.

Do they hire more staff to run their marketing? More cost and time with little guarantee that doing so will be enough. A StoryBrand Guide is a resource for any company owner seeking guidance on how to create a clear marketing message and the marketing collateral needed to get it out there.

Here are some benefits to hiring your own StoryBrand Guide:

  • A StoryBrand Guide will free you from the nagging guilt of feeling like you're not doing things the right way. Reading the book is one thing. Properly applying it is another.
  • A StoryBrand Guide will free up your time so that you can keep your business running and allow you to spend more time with family.
  • The StoryBrand Guide is the perfect solution for small businesses, which need an effective marketing strategy but don't have the resources necessary to execute it properly.
  • If you're struggling with lead generation, they can help you focus on an ideal client, where to reach them, how to reach them and what to say once you're in front of them
  • Leverage the proven power of story, a communication tool used by the best leaders and communicators for thousands of years.

StoryBrand Guides can do consulting for marketing while creating the resources for you.

The Guide might get very hands-on when it comes to the execution phase, depending on their area of expertise. This could look like designing a website, creating lead generators, writing nurture emails, creating explainer videos, and writing social media posts.

All these services will help you take your business to the next level this year.

Stop Wasting Time And Money Struggling To Do StoryBrand By Yourself
It's time to get a clear message, strategy, and the resources you need to grow your business.
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