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Most Marketing Talks Are Parroting the Same Ideas That Marketers Have Been Saying For Years.

Do you need a speaker with something fresh and inspiring for your next conference, workshop, or luncheon? 

Jon's new signature talk, Start With Who, is a refreshing reminder of how to focus on how you help people and get the attention off yourself.

In his talk, Jon shows how the best way to spread your ideas or grow your business is to be a servant to people. When you live to give people what they want, they will help you get what you want.

What Makes Jon's Approach Unique?

Paradigm Shift

While most people love to just talk about themselves, Jon teaches on the importance of focussing on the people you are trying to reach.

Oxford Educated

Jon studied Christian philosophy at the University of Oxford. He learned how to take complex ideas and make them simple.


Too many communicators have great stuff but they are boring as anything. Jon knows that the secret to making people think is to first make them laugh.

Jon Has Been Featured On:

After hearing Jon teach about the StoryBrand framework, I walked away thinking, "I'd buy anything from that guy."
Sean lang
Business Owner, Mindful Marketing
Having Jon come to speak to our group of local business leaders was both informative and fun. Jon brings lots of energy, humour, and an expertise that made the experience incredibly valuable for everyone there.
GLM Mortgage Professional and Leader of Abbotsford Business Leader Network

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