Are your marketing efforts actually connecting or just adding to the noise?

The world seems to get noisier every day. If our marketing efforts just add more noise, they will get tuned out with the rest.

Using the power of story, you can connect with people in a fresh way using tools used by communicators for over two thousand years.

What Can You Expect From A Brand Messaging Session?
In two hours together, we will go through fifteen questions that will put together the story of your client's journey as the hero to a story.
  • We will talk about what "happily ever after" looks like as it relates to your company.
  • We will discuss what is stopping them from getting their heart's desire.
  • We brainstorm how you as a brand can position yourself as an empathetic, trustworthy guide who can help them on their journey.
  • We determine your most effective call to action
  • Outline a 3-step strategy for the hero's success
  • Choose the best testimonials to use on your marketing collateral.

This resource is the most valuable tool your company can use to connect with your customers.

Having A Clear, Brand Message Helps You:

Connect With Clients
Once you have clarity, you will know your ideal client inside and out, being able to identify their problems and how your business can solve them.
Stay Focussed
Making a presentation? Writing a proposal? Starting a new project? You'll need a clear message to make sure your content is landing like you know it should.
Build A Marketing Plan
This becomes the foundation upon which we build all your marketing. No more wasting your marketing dollars through random, sporadic and confusing messages.
I have been working with marketing companies for thirty years and I have never seen anything like this.

I always knew that storytelling was powerful but I never realized that the power was in helping your customer tell their story. The Brandscript session forever changed the way I talk about my company."

-George Martin, President Well Balanced Homes

Call Out The Hero In Your Customers
Schedule a call and we will arrange a 2 hour meeting time so you can get clear about your company's message.
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