Is trying to get StoryBrand right causing stress and costing sales?
The Get Clear Mastermind is an online community of business owners who are helping each other get their marketing right.

Now you don't have to feel alone. You'll be part of a network that is there to resource, encourage, and provide you with the feedback you need to get your marketing working for you.

Marketing is better when it's done together.

If you're tired of doing it alone, watch this video to get inspired about a better way.

You'll get the help you need to do get your marketing done right.

Here are the benefits of membership:
Get Feedback From Experts
You'll get peer-reviewed and personal help from Certified StoryBrand Guides
Share Your Stuff
This will be the place to network, show what you're working on, and connect with other business leaders.
Grow Your Confidence
No more feeling guilty that you're not doing StoryBrand right. You're going to master the framework.
If you've enjoyed the Facebook group, you'll love the mastermind.
It's like what you've seen already, just way better.

Online communities are amazing places to learn and grow. The Get Clear In Your Marketing Facebook Group was started in 2016 by Certified StoryBrand Guide, Jon Morrison.

Jon started the group with the purpose of assisting any fan of StoryBrand who wants to learn to better apply the framework to their business. The group has grown so big that it is now challenging to be vulnerable and connect with other individuals. 

The Get Clear Mastermind is a place where people can go deeper, making closer connections and get the personalized help they need.

We want to recapture the smallness so that everyone can have a chance to share, ask questions and know they're getting help from a trustworthy source.

Our Group Administrators

Committed to providing you with the best possible experience.
Jon Morrison
SB Guide Since 2016, Get Clear Founder
Wes Gay
SB Agency, Wayfinder Founder
Christopher Becker
Group Host, Keto Coach, StoryBrand Fan Since Day One
Membership has its benefits:

▶  Weekly Group Calls

▶  Submit What You're Working On

▶  Interviews With StoryBrand Guides

▶  Connect Directly With Trustworthy StoryBrand Guides

▶  Get Listed On Our Member Directory

▶  Network With Other Businesses Around The World

▶  Discounts On Marketing Services

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From Confused And Alone To Confident And Connected

Here's how you do it.
Join The Community
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Grow In Our Community
Join our calls, watch the replays, submit your work, and add your two cents when you can.
Master The StoryBrand Framework
You'll love who you become and what you can do when you've got it figured out.
Tired of wondering if you're doing it right?
Our community would love to help get clear with how you think about and market your business.

Join the Get Clear Mastermind and give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you're getting it done the right way.

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