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Make A New Friend With A Lead Generator

Most companies are missing out on easy opportunities to capture new leads from their website. Someone comes to your website looking for something and then they're gone. Lost forever? Perhaps. There is hope is you have a lead generator of some sort. Imagine someone is comparing four websites while looking to do business with one of the companies. Three of the sites visited are your competition - one of them is you. Here's the advantage you can have over the others.

Using Story Will Give You Lots To Post About On Social Media

Too many companies are missing an unprecedented opportunity when it comes to marketing on social media. Even worse, they get frustrated watching their competition take more marketshare because of savvy social media engagement. We know that if changes are not made, social media will only continue to become more important and their piece of the pie will be taken. What would you do if you wanted to develop a strong social media voice? Where would you even start?

4 Reasons You Don’t Need An Agency To Do Outstanding Marketing

There are times I wonder what it would be like to have the creative team at Hubspot or marketing budget of Apple. Imagine what you could do with a film crew, each one of them an expert in lighting, sound, camera work, and post-production. I need to snap out of that as soon as possible. This will never happen for me. It will likely never happen for you. The good news is that while we may never have all these resources to us, there are some amazing resources that we can take advantage of and use for our marketing. My guess is that anyone reading this does not have the capacity or desire to give away your marketing. You want to do it by yourself. That's cool. We get that. There is so much you can do today when you are a DIY marketer.

Don't Look Like A Fool Online

It is used to be that you could run a great business and still have a lousy website. Today, if your website is not performing or is not clear, you are losing business. People are judging the quality of your business by the quality of your website. Most lead generation today is happening online. Even when it comes to referrals, before you get called, they will take a look at your website. If it’s no good or out-dated, you will be missing opportunities.