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Get A Clear Message And Grow Your Business

Unleash the power of story to bring clarity to your message and grow your business.

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Hiring A StoryBrand Guide Brings Clarity In How You Talk To Customers In Person And Online

We know the world is getting noisier and getting your message heard is becoming more challenging.

You know a change is needed. But where do you start?

The answer is found in Donald Miller’s book, "Building A Storybrand." This New York Times Bestseller and is now on the “Must Read” list of every business leader.

Jon Morrison, a licensed StoryBrand guide, will guide you through how to apply the principles taught in this book so you can clarify your message and grow your business.

Why Is StoryBrand So Effective?

Use The Power Of Story To Capture Attention

The best storytellers all know that there is nothing like a good story to get people to pay attention. In this noisy world, attention is the holy grail.

Know And Connect With Your Ideal Client

Too many businesses are not focussed on their ideal client. They end up making noise and missing an opportunity to truly connect.

Get Clear On The Problem You Solve

When you can get clear on how you solve problems, you can be sure that people will listen.

Want Some Help StoryBranding Your Business?

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Sharpen your one-liner, get feedback on your website and help others apply the principles of Building A StoryBrand to their business.

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"There is no more powerful way to speak to the people you want to reach than with the StoryBrand framework.

StoryBrand brings out the hero in every customer. Too many businesses are playing the hero in their marketing and as a result are missing out on a disturbing amount of money.

The good news is that we change all that pretty quickly."

-Jon Morrison, Lead Consultant, Get Clear Consulting

StoryBrand Guide Jon Morrison

Jon Has Shared The Storybrand Framework On:


For years our website just kind of sat there doing nothing for us. Jon helped us apply the StoryBrand principles to our site and it immediately started to work. We are now at the top of a Google search and getting new leads all the time.
Get Clear designed my website in a way that would make my business stand out in my industry.
Just one day after the site went live we were getting tons of leads. It was amazing to see the power of the Storybrand Framework go to work for my business so quickly.
Matt DunStan
CEO Give and Take Tree Service
We knew that our lab could be doing so much more with online marketing. Working with Jon has provided us with stunning resources that are giving us new leads all the time. My team is convinced that he wants us to succeed even more than we do.
David Carney
CEO Integral Dental Lab
I love Storybrand and Get Clear Consulting is my go-to guide for applying its principles to my business. They consistently impress me with new resources and ideas that I can incorporate into my marketing strategy right away.
Dr. Aaron jorgenson
Northwest Injury Clinics

Is Your Business Using StoryBrand To Its Full Potential?

Download our checklist to make sure your business is using this powerful tool the right way.

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